Hunter Biden with Topless 14-Year-Old Girl in Photos?

Natalie Biden Joe's granddaughter

Allegations have surfaced on social media that the infamous “Laptop from Hell” belonging to presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son Hunter contains photos of him together with a topless niece, aged 14 at the time.

The photos have been presumably seen by former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani who, together with former New York Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik, personally turned over the evidence to jurisdictional authorities in the state of Delaware.

Dates from leaked messages suggest that the girl at the center of concern is the currently 16-year-old Natalie Biden, who is active on social media, campaigning for her grandfather Joe Biden.

Natalie Biden sister Naomi

Natalie is the daughter of Beau Biden, whose death saw the blossoming of a romantic relationship between his widow and his brother Hunter, who was married to someone else at the time.

Hunter Beau Hallie Biden

In effect, Natalie’s mother was with Natalie’s father and then with Natalie’s uncle. And then Hunter somehow ended up with a large personal trove of photos of the underage Natalie on his laptop.

UPDATE (November 2020): No compromising photos of Natalie with her uncle have surfaced so far. What’s been leaked from the laptop is a video of Natalie and two girls dancing for what seems to be a cameraphone. Here is a still from that clip.

Hunter Biden's niece Natalie

The screenshot above is when she was fiddling with the camera.

tweets by Lauren Witzke

Naomi Biden is Natalie’s cousin.

Hunter Biden has three daughters with his first wife Kathleen – daughters Naomi, Finnegan, and Maisy. He has several other children with various women.

Joe Biden has been accused of swimming naked in front of female Secret Service agents and even of cupping the breasts of the girlfriend of a male agent. He has also been accused by former staffer Tara Reade of forcefully inserting his finger into her vagina.

Joe Biden and granddaughter Finnegan

Natalie Biden
Natalie Biden on Instagram

Why did Natalie’s mom Hallie not want Hunter to see her daughter anymore?

Natalie not allowed to see Hunter
Why Hunter was Banned from Seeing Natalie


Natalie Biden birth mark
Natalie Biden’s birth mark or mole on her cheek

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