Hunter Biden Now Admits: He is Under Federal Investigation For Tax Issues

Former U.S. vice president Joe Biden’s son Hunter issued a statement on Wednesday that he is being investigated by the U.S. Attorney’s office in Delaware over taxes.

One of the emails from the infamous Laptop From Hell gives an idea of how much income may be at issue.

In a January 2017 email, Eric Schwerin listed a few of Hunter Biden’s reported income and tax obligations for particular years.

In 2013, your taxes reported $833,614 in income.

In 2014, your taxes reported $847,328 in income. (To be amended at $1,247,328)

In 2015, your taxes reported $2,478,208 in income.

2013 and 2014 were normal years where your income was based pretty much solely on income from Rosemont Seneca and Boies.

In 2014 you joined the Burisma board and we still need to amend your 2014 returns to reflect the unreported Burisma income. That is approximately $400,000 extra so your income in 2014 was closer to $1,247,328.

The reason for the increased income in 2015 was that your income broke down as follows:
$166,666 from Burnham (for RSA)
$216,000 from Boies
$365,403 from Owasco (for RSA)
$300,000 one time payment from Eudora (for the 1/3 of CitizensRx)

The above represents all the cash you received directly.

In addition, you reported $1,000,000 of income that all went to RSB and you report $188,616 in income that also went to RSB. You didn’t receive this in cash and it is in reality “phantom income”.

So, of the approximately $2.5m in income you never really received almost $1.2m of it. (My numbers are approximate but you get the idea.)

Of the $1,300,000 in cash you received you had to pay $751,294 in taxes. Since you couldn’t have lived on approximately $550,000 a year you “borrowed” some money from RSB in advance of payments.

FYI, in 2014 and 2015 you also had expenses beyond the norm because you renovated the house. Across 2014 and 2015 the renovation payments totaled approx. $200,000.

The numbers for 2016 haven’t been finalized yet but you made at least the following:
$1,295,000 from Owasco, P.C. (representing Burisma and any Romania payments) $216,000 from Boies Schiller

Unlike the prior years you actually received the above cash but the total income for 2016 won’t be close to 2015.

The Laptop From Hell contains more than 27,000 images (including photos and video clips of his niece Natalie) and approximately 60,000 emails, among which are correspondence and business contracts with Chinese companies.

Hunter Biden personal taxes
Hunter Biden personal taxes

As of October 2018… “The taxes owed are substantial — about $600,000 personal and $204,000 for Owasco.”

Biden’s certified public accountant William Morgan was apparently planning on arranging a payment plan with the IRS.