Hiker Dies on Mount Washington, Rescuers Carry Body Nearly a Mile

Members of a New Hampshire rescue group had to carry the body of a hiker nearly a mile in freezing temperatures and high winds after the man died on the Northeast’s highest mountain.

A group of hikers found the man unconscious and not breathing on Mount Washington’s Jewell Trail on Saturday afternoon (July 30). They called 911 and started performing CPR.

Members of one rescue group drove to the summit of the nearly 6,300-foot mountain and hiked down to the man, while another group rode up the mountain’s famous Cog Railway and hiked in.

With no sign of life after 40 minutes, resuscitation efforts were halted, and rescue group members focused on transporting the body by foot to the train nearly a mile away.

A dog the man was hiking with was taken to an animal shelter and now awaits being picked up by the decased man’s family.

Second Hiker in a Month Dies on Mount Washington After Collapsing

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