National Handball Player of Jordan Dies After Mid-Game Heart Attack (Video)

Adel Bakr Attari of Jordan’s national team died after suffering a heart attack during a Jordan Handball Cup match. He was only 36.

Attari died Tuesday (Nov. 8) in Amman after a massive heart attack in the second half of the game against Al-Salt club on Monday.

The Jordan Handball Federation issued a statement explaining that Atari suffered cardiac failure and was transferred to a nearby hospital where he died the following day.

In light of the athlete’s death, the federation announced three days of mourning and the suspension of all games during that time.

Jordanian Olympian dead

There is unconfirmed speculation that Attari had been injected with synthetic mRNA supplied by Pfizer. The country had reportedly administered 97 doses per 100 people in its population, as of August 2022. With most Jordanians getting two doses each, the vaccination rate has been estimated to be 47-48 percent.

Jordanian handball player

Attari was playing for his team Kufranja (Kafranja). He wore the number 19.