(L.A.) Dena Peel, a Baby, Died in a Hospital

Case Number: 2012-05069

Los Angeles County is reporting the death of a Black female that occurred in a hospital.

The coroner’s office has identified the infant girl as Dena Peel.

Manner of Death: Undetermined

Cause of Death A: Dehydration

Cause of Death B: Acute Gastroenteritis and Other Unestablished Factors

Other Significant Conditions: History of Prematurity; Status Post Colectomy for Necrotizing Enterocolitis

RIP DENA PEEL (September 13, 2011 – July 31, 2012)

The child was approximately 10 months old.

Necrotizing enterocolitis or NEC is a serious illness in newborns. It happens when tissue in the large intestine (colon) gets inflamed. This inflammation damages and kills some tissue in the baby’s colon.