Demi Lovato Returns to Rehab

The Shade Room is reporting that singer Demi Lovato is back in rehab after facing backlash for her tweet about 21 Savage.

The singer has been on the mend since last year, when a relapse led to a drug overdose that was nearly fatal. Now, sources close to Lovato have told The Shade Room that the latest round of drama pushed her back into treatment.

Insiders shared that Lovato had “been doing well with recovery after she left rehab back in November following three months of treatment.” After the explosive response to her tweet about 21 Savage and his immigration case, however, she decided to get some more help.

The source specified that Lovato checked herself into rehab this time around. They also said that the facility was in Hawaii.

The singer has largely been absent from social media this month, since a tweet turned a Twitter mob against her. On Super Bowl Sunday, 21 Savage was arrested by the U.S. Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) for overstaying his visa. The agency revealed that 21 Savage was born in the U.K., and many jokes circulated about the iconic Atlanta rapper turning out to be British.

“So far 21 savage memes have been my favorite part of the Super Bowl,” Lovato wrote of the viral memes. However, as the reality of 21 Savage’s situation set in, many turned on Lovato, feeling that her casual tweet was in poor taste.

Later, Lovato returned to Twitter to respond to the outrage. She shared a photo of a person writing with an old-fashioned quill pen with the caption “This how 21 Savage be writing his verses.”

“This is the s— I’m laughing at… Not the fact that anyone is getting deported,” she wrote.

This still did not stop the outrage, and some were highly personal. Lovato shared some of the replies and comments she got on her Instagram Story, deleting her Twitter account altogether.

“She’s a hypocrite let’s pull out the heroin memes and see if this b— doesn’t get emotional,” read one comment. For Lovato, that was too far. She wrote out her own response before going silent.