🇨🇦 Five-Year-Old Found Hugging Father’s Decomposing Body in Mexico

A five-year-old Canadian boy was found clinging to the decomposing body of his father at their vacation rental just north of the Mexican resort town of Puerto Vallarta.

Canadian tourist found dead in Mexico

The ex-wife of John Poulsen, 44, raised the alarm after she was unable to get in touch with him from Canada. She contacted a neighbor, also Canadian, who went to check on Poulsen at the rental in Jarretaderas, in Nayarit state.

The neighbor arrived to find the air conditioner on and the lights off. He smelled a strong stench coming from inside, and there was no response to his knocking. Upon breaking open the door using tools, he found the five-year-old boy in the bedroom, clutching his father’s dead body, which was lying face up on the bed with traces of blood around the mouth. The crying boy had to be pried away as he refused to let go of his father’s corpse.

Poulsen was in an advanced state of decomposition, authorities said. He had not been heard from since August 8, Monday. The body was found on August 14, Sunday.

The boy, apparently in a state of psychological shock after having spent days alone with his dead father, was placed in child protection services while his mother traveled to Mexico from Canada.

So far, there has been no evidence that Poulsen was the victim of foul play. Canadians have a high rate of being injected with synthetic mRNA and at this point, it cannot be ruled out that he may have died from SADS or sudden adult death syndrome.

Update: The medical examiner in Mexico says Poulsen died in his sleep from a perforated stomach ulcer.


Spanish-language news sources differ slightly among themselves on the details on what happened:

The rental is part of the Vilanova subdivision in Jarretaderas in the state of Nayarit, about 10 miles north of Puerto Vallarta in the adjacent state of Jalisco.