Boosted, Died Unexpectedly from Undiagnosed Heart Condition at 34

American technologist Drew Dahlman unexpectedly died on June 24 in New York City, where he was based for work.

Drew Dahlman unexpected death

Dahlman was the co-founder and director of technology of OddCommon, a design and technology agency based in Brooklyn.

Drew Dahlman fully vaccinated

He tweeted on November 16 that he had received a booster, so he could well have just recently gotten a second booster. Regardless, his body had been subjected to at least three injections of synthetic mRNA.

Drew Dahlman of Colorado

The Dahlman family is from Colorado. He is survived by his wife, parents, and three sisters.

Drew Dahlman moved to New York

Drew Dahlman's political views

RIP Drew Dahlman (October 7, 1987 – June 24, 2022)