Biden Goes Viral After Lowering Face Mask to Cough Into Hand

US Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has been famous during the COVID-19 pandemic for always wearing a face mask wherever he goes. The incumbent President Donald Trump has repeatedly mocked the Delaware senator’s mask-wearing habit.

On Friday, Biden went viral on social media after video clips circulated of his lowering his mask to cough into his hand while making a speech to supporters in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Netizens reacted by criticizing and condemning Biden’s behavior.

In March, during the relatively early days of the coronavirus outbreak in the United States, Biden coughed into his hand during a virtual interview from his home on CNN and was told by host Jake Tapper that he was supposed to cough into his elbow instead of his hand.

Biden’s coughing fits are reportedly a side effect of his taking the Alzheimer’s drug Namenda.