Bernie Sanders Wins New Hampshire 2020 Democratic Primary

The Sanders victory was expected in light of his easy defeat of Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire in 2016.

Pete Buttigieg finished second and Amy Klobuchar came in third. Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren did not seem to have won any delegates.

Joe Biden appears to have finished fifth in New Hampshire, after having come in at fourth in Iowa. The Biden campaign’s election night party in New Hampshire was like no other of a top-tier candidate, with reporters and staff almost seeming to outnumber voters and the candidate not even there.

The Warren campaign’s senior leadership all watched Warren’s speech from the back of the assembled speaking space near the Manchester airport. They left as soon as the speech ended, not talking with reporters. Communications staffers walked past the media with grim faces, politely saying “hi” but little else. Other staffers engaged in gallows humor about the disappointing result and went off to drink elsewhere.

The primary also led to two candidates dropping out: Andrew Yang and Michael Bennet.

Exit polls show Democratic primary voters prioritized beating President Trump over having a candidate who agrees with them on the issues. Of the majority of voters concerned about beating Mr. Trump, their support was split between Buttigieg and Klobuchar. For voters more concerned about a candidate agreeing with them on issues, support went to Sanders.

Another issue that separated the field was whether voters wanted a candidate who can bring needed change or one who can unite the country. Of those who said they want change, support went to Sanders. Of those who are looking to unite, support was split between Buttigieg and Klobuchar.

Sanders took the stage moments after TV news networks projected he won the New Hampshire primary.

“Thank you! Thank you. Thank you, New Hampshire!” he said, as the roaring crowd kept him from speaking immediately.

Sanders thanked the crowd for delivering him a victory Tuesday night and credited his win in New Hampshire to the tireless work of so many volunteers.

Sanders declared his victory was “the beginning of the end for Donald Trump.”

“We’re going to Nevada, we’re going to South Carolina, we’re going to win those states as well,” he said.

The senator from Vermont gave a shoutout to Buttigieg, Klobuchar, Warren and Biden, insisting that no matter who the ultimate victor is, they would unite behind the nominee to defeat Mr. Trump.