Aniah Blanchard Confirmed Dead After Positive ID of Remains

Authorities on Wednesday said the human remains found in Macon County have been positively identified as Aniah Blanchard, the 19-year-old college student from Homewood who went missing on Oct. 23 in Auburn.

“We’ve been examining, as you all know, an area here in Shorter, Alabama off of County Road 2, from remains found earlier in the week,” said Auburn Police Chief Paul Register.

“The remains initially were believed to be that of Aniah Blanchard, who was reported missing on October the 24th. It is with heavy heart that we so confirm today that the remains are in fact of Aniah Blanchard.”

Lee County’s district attorney said he will be working on what new charges may be filed in the case “now that we have a death.”

So far, police have arrested three men in connection with Blanchard’s disappearance. Two of the suspects are charged with first-degree kidnapping.

The third suspect is charged with hindering prosecution.

Register said investigators will be working into the night at the scene where the remains were found.

LATEST UPDATE (12/2/2019): The coroner has determined that Blanchard died from a gunshot wound. Ibrahim Yazeed has been additionally charged with capital murder.

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