Fully Jabbed British Nurse, 46, Diagnosed with Advanced Lung Cancer

A nurse who worked for England’s National Health Service (NHS) throughout the COVID situation was shocked to receive an advanced cancer diagnosis after months of experiencing symptoms that she thought were caused by long COVID.

Victoria Powner Puar thought she had caught the coronavirus during a camping trip in the summer of 2021. While her bout with COVID was not bad, she did develop a cough that lasted for months afterwards.

Victoria Powner with children

While Puar’s doctors originally thought she was one of the unlucky ones suffering from long COVID, tests done earlier this year ultimately showed she had Stage 4 adenocarcinoma in the lungs.

By the time Puar was diagnosed, the cancer had spread from her lungs to her heart, and her doctors discovered she was suffering from heart failure. In her case, the adenocarcinoma was a type of lung cancer called non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).

Despite the delayed diagnosis, she says she does not blame her GP or the NHS because she too thought she was suffering from long COVID.

Puar received the diagnosis last month, and is set to begin treatment — which will include both chemotherapy and immunotherapy — in August.

More than 90 percent of NHS staff overall have had at least two injections of synthetic mRNA.