YouTube Removes Aytu’s Official Video For “Violating Community Guidelines”

In the wake of massive interest in Aytu Bio‘s new Healight device for treating coronavirus with ultraviolet rays after the technology was alluded to by President Trump during a coronavirus briefing, YouTube on Friday afternoon removed the bioscience company’s promotional video from their official channel.

Interested parties who clicked through from links on social media such as Twitter were welcomed by YouTube’s notice that “This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines.”

The video describes the premise of Healight technology, as well as its intended use.

This is the url in question:

Youtube video banned

At least one other YouTube user managed to save a version copy of the video and reuploaded it to his own channel.

No word yet from YouTube as to why they removed the video from Aytu’s official channel and whether they will take down the reuploaded video as well and/or reinstate Aytu’s original video.

Update: copy also deleted by YouTube:

Here’s another re-uplaod:

Founded in 2002, Colorado-based AYTU is a publicly traded company that uplisted to the NASDAQ in 2017. Its shares were up 17.65% at the market’s close on Friday.

For more information on Aytu’s Healight, visit their official page:

In related news, MSN removed on Friday an article it had published on April 10 that was about inhaling an aerosolized form of the disinfectant hydrogen peroxide as a potential treatment in coronavirus.

That url was