(L.A.) Yong Yang, 40, Died From LAPD Gunshots

Case Number: 2024-07294

Los Angeles County is reporting the death of a 40-year-old Asian male that occurred at a private residence.

The coroner’s office has identified the man as Yong Yang.

Manner of Death: Homicide

Cause of Death: Multiple Gunshot Wounds

RIP YONG YANG (April 7, 1984 – May 2, 2024)

Formal pronouncement of death was made on Thursday at 12:12 p.m.

The decedent was Korean who grew up in the United States and spoke English as a first language. He was suffering from a mental breakdown when his parents called authorities for assistance. He was shot dead by LAPD.


On May 2, 2024, at 10:58 a.m., Olympic Division uniformed officers responded to a radio call at an apartment in the 400 block of South Gramercy Place to assist the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health (DMH) who were attempting to place an individual, later identified as 40-year-old Yong Yang, into custody.

The officers met with DMH personnel outside the residence who indicated that the DMH were called to the scene due to Yang’s erratic and threatening behavior. The officers were also advised that Yang did not live at the location, and had attempted to assault one of the DMH employees when they attempted to speak with him. Based on their assessment, DMH determined Yang was a danger to others.

In their efforts to assist DMH personnel, the officers requested additional units, a supervisor, and notified the Department’s Mental Evaluation Unit. Several attempts were made to communicate with Yang and encourage him to exit the residence; however, he refused. After formulating a plan and obtaining a key to the residence, the officers ascended a narrow staircase leading to the front door. The officers announced their presence and then utilized the key to open the front door. As they did so, Yang was observed standing in the living room several feet away, armed with a large kitchen knife. Moments later, Yang advanced toward the officers and an Officer Involved Shooting occurred.

Yang was struck by gunfire, dropped the knife, and was taken into custody without further incident.

Los Angeles Fire Department personnel responded to the scene and pronounced Yang deceased.

No officers or other community members were injured during this incident.

An eleven-inch kitchen knife with a six-inch blade was recovered at scene.

Force Investigation Division (FID) investigators responded to the scene and are investigating this incident.

Andres Lopez LAPD

The involved Olympic Area officer is Police Officer II Andres Lopez, Serial No. 43137.

Year Of Hire: 2017

• Regular Pay: $99,805.53
• Overtime Pay: $6,979.62
• Other Pay: $11,826.55
• Health Benefits: $19,031.86
• Retirement Benefits: $46,758.89

The female supervisor’s surname appears to be Ruvalcaba.