Shocking Video: Elderly Abuse in Nursing Home

A viral video is circulating on social media showing a nursing-home employee beating up a defenseless elderly resident.

In the video, a young man repeatedly uses his fists to jab at a very old man, hard enough to cause bleeding. Towards the end of the clip, the boxer uses a bedsheet to wipe the blood off, while muttering expletives that include the phrase “Get off my bed.”

The suspect appears to have filmed himself doing it as he can be seen wrangling the camera during the video.

Multiple accounts on Twitter and Instagram have identified the suspect as Jadon Hayden, a member of the Norwayne Boxing Gym in Michigan. He has reportedly been arrested by the Detroit Police Department.

Hayden appears to have had a very active social-media presence online with posts of violent videos, including boxing and “robbery tips” on his channel, which has since been deactivated by the YouTube. His handle on Instagram is @scamazondon.