(Video) Man repeatedly kicks elderly woman seated on NYC subway train

Video is being circulated on social media of a man repeatedly kicking a seated elderly woman on a subway train that appears to be in New York City. The man’s early blows were to her face and head.

Several cellphones could be seen capturing the incident in real time, but no one intervened.

After the abuse on the victim, the suspect turned to the other car passengers who were filming telling them, “Worldstart that, my nig—.”

At the subway stop, a recording mentions Forty-First Street.

One of the earlier uploads of the video clip is by a man named Hakeem Carew, who captioned it “Smh this gotta be the worse [sic] thing ever sm…

The Facebook embed above is courtesy of Jamika Taylor.

Jamika Taylor on Facebook

UPDATE: The man has been identified as Marc Gomez, 36, of Yonkers, and he has been arrested.

According to his girlfriend Alisa Cox, he commenced his attack after the old woman threatened to punch their 11-year-old daughter. He, his girlfriend and their daughter were together on the subway at the time.