The Rock on HQ Trivia: $300,000 Prize Split Among 83 Winners!

With more than two million contestants joining from around the world, The Rock co-hosted a 15-question round of HQ Trivia in promotion of his movie Rampage and ended up giving the $300,000 prize to 83 winners!

The Rock on HQtrivia

The final question had to do with a word originating from usage for something in the world’s largest country…

Which of these synonyms for “big” traces its roots to the biggest country on Earth?

  • Behemoth
  • Gargantuan
  • Mammoth

HQ Trivia Question and Answer

Among the winners: MurrayMax, nickf1985, BigChief49, DennisMyPa, Akong37, doingitwrite, bcroll, Mary100010, vkouzounas, BlueLou, bradendowdy, bigtex88, roguelead, honanboss, AttilatheUnd, vpatel123, doc stew, togglebolt, BriGuy6, wilbertgilbert, hudson, lupka, hanto, 702, HFIL, starberryzx

Each will receive 3,614.45 in U.S. dollars!