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steve kent

Tell the teamsters to go home and let the people of Puerto Rico and the National Guard do the job . Don’t put up with this trash….

Jack Thomas

Puerto Rico has always been a corrupt third world country. Nothing new

Jose Curbelo

You don’t know what your talking about. You must be a communist!

Larry Hughes

If this is true about the union drivers refusing to deliver the goods then replace them with the coast guard or army transport drivers and shoot any of the union drivers that try to block the transportation of neded relief goods this is creating murder to the people desperate need of these goods. Brand the union drivers as treasonous traitors refusing aid to the needy by holding the goods hostage to demand higher wages. They are a bunch of marxist pigs with these dispickable acts.Must be financed by Soros to do this nonsense. Fire all the union driver and replace… Read more »


Look out Larry there’s a commie right behind you coming to get you.

Patti Campo

Get the National Guard in there to drive the trucks with heavily armed escorts. Shoot, no questions asked. Damn unions are a blight on the country.


this is being misrepresented, it should be very clear to all Spanish speaking folks that what the union rep is say,, and i paraphrase ,, all truckers that can make it to the ports have been ordered to do so, there are some that cant maker it due to damaged roads, once they get to the ports they need to fuel up with diesel but femma is not allowing the flow of diesel and he feel that the Governor of Puerto rico should stand up to the federal agencies and give the order to provide the truckers with diesel so… Read more »


Better get used to it pencil pushers in washington are pushing laws on trucking companies on the main land no care of what its doing to their trucking businesses this is the begining the cali ports are going on strike wed time too quit bitting the hand that feeds ya


So what is the reporter saying?

Brooke Dunne (@brookedunne)

Great post!

I’d love to be able to embed or share that last video, but JW Player doesn’t let me do that. Can I download it from you?

Jane Heinlen Weight

Sounds like a bunch of schoolyard bullies! Stop your fighting and get these poor people taken care of!


Puerto Rico Post Hurricane Maria. All politicians seem to forget that this is a Humanitarian Effort and NOT a Political Matter. I resent the Mayor of SJ. who distorted the facts in her dying plea and failed to mention who the real culprits are/is (Victor Rodriquez, PR union truck driver leader) for its non-distribution of the aid received, I resent the media (local, nation-wide & cable) for not stating this fact. Fortunately, (1) there are many websites verifying this fact. However as soon as they are made available they are being removed by unknown identities.(2) Many Puerto… Read more »