SNAP, EBT Outages Affecting Customers Across the Country

SNAP EBT down heatmap

An outage across the country is affecting the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT).

Down Detector started showing a surge of outage reports at approximately 9:00 am.

SNAP EBT outage

These are what used to be known as food stamps.

I was at Kroger an hour ago, and there was a lot of people walking out, leaving full carts of food because they couldn’t pay, because the SNAP wasn’t working.

Someone was in front of me trying to pay with a cart full of groceries with an EBT card today she spent about an hour shopping for. The cashier was so rude to her, too. A big sign on the front doors would help saying EBT is down, instead of letting people waste their time shopping then being humiliated at check out.

This happened to me in Georgia and it was pretty embarrassing. I had to walk out of the store without my groceries. I asked when it would be fixed and they couldn’t answer me.

I can confirm it’s down in Indianapolis IN and McCordsville IN. A man was in front of me at a Thornton’s gas station trying to buy a case of nestle pure life water and he tried to use his EBT snap card and the cleark informed him that a message appeard on the register that the entire system is down. Said the same thing on mine as well. Glad I had a backup. Always plan on having a backup just in case those snap benefits either don’t arrive or they don’t work.

It’s down in Lynchburg, Virginia, as well. Had to call in security personnel to handle irate customers .. not only the ones being denied… But those customers they were trying to warn before entering, that were acting belligerent.

The quotes above are from the comment section of the YouTube video.