Seeing The Hollywood Sign

For many visitors to Los Angeles, there is no more coveted photo than a shot of the world-famous Hollywood Sign.

Though it is visible from all over the city from its perch on Mt. Lee, it can actually be surprisingly difficult to get a well-angled shot.

Many tourists are surprised to learn that it’s illegal to get close to the Sign, which is set behind restricting gates and protected by security cameras and Park Rangers.

There are three hikes that offer great views of the Hollywood Sign and the surrounding city of Los Angeles. These hikes lead visitors up and behind the Hollywood Sign, which is the closest they can be to the letters.

The Mount Hollywood trail is easily accessible from the Griffith Observatory, which offers free parking although the lot can fill up on the weekends. The mountain is the second tallest peak in the park and offers amazing views of the Hollywood Sign as well as downtown LA. The hike is fairly easy and can be enjoyed by the entire family.

The Canyon Boulevard trail features a fun Hollywood landmark, the Bronson Caves (also known as the Adam West Batman caves), as well as a small parking lot close to the trailhead and an overflow dirt parking lot just down the road. The trail offers amazing views of the city and ends behind the Hollywood Sign; Sunset Ranch, where you can ride horses with a view of the Hollywood Sign, shares part of the trail so watch out for horses while hiking. The Canyon Boulevard trail is a part of Griffith Park and is open from sunrise to sunset.

The Cahuenga Peak hike is open to the more experienced hiker, and visitors are advised to hike at their own risk. The trail is more rugged and less defined than the Canyon Blvd trail but offers amazing views of the city, Burbank, and Lake Hollywood. The trail leads visitors to the same viewpoint as the HollyRidge trail and is open from sunrise to sunset.