Arrest Warrant for Rose McGowan (Update: It’s For Drug Possession)

Rose McGowan Arrest Warrant

Actress, activist, and Harvey Weinstein accuser Rose McGowan this morning tweeted from her verified account that there is a warrant out for her arrest in the state of Virginia.

Are they trying to silence me? There is a warrant out for my arrest in Virginia. What a load of HORSESHIT.

What the arrest warrant is for is unclear.

Her activities in recent weeks relating to Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment and assault allegations would presumably be a civil matter, not criminal.

McGowan reached a $100,000 settlement with Weinstein 20 years ago over an incident at a hotel. Just over the weekend, it was reported that she had been offered $1 million to keep quiet on the Weinstein issue right before the New York Times exposé came out earlier this month.

Coincidentally, actor Corey Feldman, who has become vocal about supposedly rampant pedophilia in the entertainment industry, was charged for marijuana possession after being pulled over for speeding in the state of Louisiana about a week ago.

More details to be added as they become available.

UPDATE: Radar Online is now reporting that the warrant is due to felony possession of drugs. Traces of a narcotic had been found on McGowan during a trip in the Washington D.C. area back in January 2017. Based on the evidence, a judge signed the warrant on February 1, 2017. Since she has been out of Virginia’s jurisdiction, the warrant was not served to her. But because a record of the warrant is in a national database, any police stop outside the state that involves running her personal information through the system would bring up the existence of the warrant.