Political Correctness Is Not Funny

Everyday it’s as if people are getting more and more offended by everything. You have to be constantly watch what you say; otherwise you could get fired, sued, or just have your life ruined in general.

Why is this so? Political correctness.

Political correctness has turned our society into one out of the Salem Witch Trials. Except instead of hunting witches, we are hunting “racists.” Since barely anyone anymore comes out as a racist, society has made it its duty to hunt down the perpetrators. Thankfully the left knows how to find these hidden “racists.” The left simply analyzes the speech of one they suspect to be racist (anyone who’s not on the left), and as soon as the suspected “racist” says anything “offensive,” the left swoops into action.

Not even comedy is safe from the leftist’s grip. The very stale “comedians” Amy Schumer and Sarah Silverman seem to think that comedy is in a new age, a age that doesn’t have to offend, a safe age. It’s okay for Schumer and Silverman to be politically correct, because vagina jokes are rarely, if ever, offensive. Vagina jokes do not take intelligence to compose either. However, real comedy, things that are funny, all possess the qualities of intelligence, and outrage.

The funniest comedians say jokes that are inflammatory, and really hit the audience. I was watching the Dave Chappelle special, in tears the other night. Dave makes the most obscene jokes, and he often uses racially motivated themes. The stuff he says about both white and black people is absolutely offensive and absolutely brilliant. There is no way that Dave Chappelle would ever be able to confine himself within the boundaries of political correctness.

Everything that’s funny in life is offensive. So that’s why I was (not so) shocked when I heard that Harvard University would be rescinding the offers of ten incoming undergraduate students. This is all because they were in a private group chat where they posted “R-rated” memes that included Nazi, and dead baby jokes.

I understand that Harvard is a private institution and that freedom of speech doesn’t necessarily apply. However, if Harvard does not honor freedom of speech then the Federal Government shouldn’t give it public funds. More importantly, though, these kids were joking around. They were doing what any other 17/18 year olds would do, poking fun at one another and the world. They’re not “racists,” just as Bill Maher is not “racist” for saying the N word. Does anyone recall The Producer’s hilarious scene “Springtime For Hitler?” Would that be allowed today?

When I’m with a friend I will poke fun at them, their appearance, my appearance, because life is not that serious. I like being made fun of and vice versa. How can you truly be friends with a person if you two are constantly policing one another’s speech? Do the progressives want to live in a world where they are constantly watching one another’s language?

The truth is, whether the leftists want to admit it or not, they have said offensive and even career shattering things in their lives. However, they are so hypocritical that they want to throw others under the bus, when it could have been them who were thrown under the bus. Their lust for the power to control other’s actions has blinded them. The truth is everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes people say things they shouldn’t have, but that shouldn’t stop you from looking in the mirror.

As we progress in the future, I expect more language policing, and social media searching. In a world filled with seriousness, humor is a thing of the past. The witch trials have begun again.

On the bright side, I feel as if these kids do not need Harvard. If they were hardworking and intelligent enough to get in, I’m sure they will succeed elsewhere.

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