Update on Missing Activist Amber Evans in Ohio

A body found in the Scioto River on Saturday morning has been positively identified as that of social-justice activist Amber Evans, who had gone missing in late January.

Evans was reported missing on January 28 and her car was found by a parking lot adjacent to the Scioto River allegedly after breaking up with her long-term boyfriend Mark Condo. He has not been named a suspect.

Columbus police have said there is no reason to suspect foul play, and an autopsy report is pending. Those close to Evans are struggling to come to terms with what they believe is death by suicide.

Mark Condo and Amber Evans
Mark Condo & Amber Evans

Columbus Ohio Police: The body recovered yesterday, Saturday, 3/23/19, has been positively identified as 28-year-old Amber Evans. The family has been notified. While this is not the outcome we hoped for, we understand this brings closure for the family. Our thoughts and prayers go out to them.

Tariq Nasheed tweet
Mark Condo’s name was tweeted by Tariq Nasheed on February 12, 2019.