Nike Air Max Day: HQ Trivia Prize $100,000 Split Among Four Winners!

Surprise game from HQ Trivia with a Nike Air Max sponsorship!

A few minutes after the end of the regular $5,00 evening game at 6:00 pm Pacific, app notifications went out on phones. There would be another 15-question game, a special one with a $100,000 prize plus limited-edition Nike Air Max 270s for the winners.

Close to two million (approximately 1.77 million) players from around the globe tuned in.

How many won? Four players!! And the crucial question number 15 was:

Which of these nations' capital cities is located at the highest altitude?

  • Ethiopia
  • Kenya
  • Chile

The correct answer: Ethiopia!

Four players split the 100K with each individual getting $25,000 American dollars plus a pair of the limited-edition shoes!

The winners’ user ids: lmccarthy64, nathanielhonea, nomingoo2002, franton14