NeoGAF Scandal, Briefly

For those of us totally out of the loop when it comes to gaming… there is a high-traffic website focused on the gaming industry called NeoGAF, whose founder / owner / CEO is a Tyler Malka, who was just accused in a Facebook post of sexual harassment.

The incident reportedly happened in New Orleans during which Malka allegedly was naked when he got into the shower with a person who did not have that sort of intimacy in mind at all. The gaming community has characterized the described incident as an assault. Without any other details disclosed, it could be seen as a very unwelcome sexual advance.

Prompted by that accusation, numerous past anecdotes pertaining to Malka’s history of engaging in inappropriate behavior have been dredged up. Over a few hours, the whole issue has ignited outrage among registered website users, with declarations of quitting NeoGAF forever.

The following admins have supposedly quit:

1. Kaboteur 2. Xander Cage 3. Besada 4. Cyan 5. ThoseDeafMutes 6. charlequin 7. Stumpakow 8. EMC 9. Christine 10. Nirolak 11. Duckroll

GAF is short for Gaming-Age Forum… and Neo- just means it’s new… because in 2006, the site moved to new hosting and new software.

The owner’s handle is Evilore, and the site is currently down.

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