California Music Teacher Gave Students Flutes Tainted With Semen

An investigation is underway into the alleged conduct of a music teacher in at least 13 school districts in California.

Parents of students who have received painted flutes from the teacher are being told to put the instruments in a paper bag and submit them to authorities for testing.

Joan Lucid, superintendent of the Saugus Union School District, notified parents on Saturday of the possibility that their children may have received semen-contaminated flutes from a teacher.

A father went to a police station in Fountain Valley on Friday night to turn in a flute given to his child, a pupil at Courreges Elementary School.

The flute is part of sets distributed by the charity organization Flutes Across the World. The teacher worked with the charity.

Tainted Flutes Across the World
photo of the kind of flutes that were given to kids

Fullerton’s school district also sent parents a notice on Saturday, stating that a presenter from the program had visited two elementary schools in the district over the past academic year, conducting workshops with fourth- through sixth-grade students.

The Philharmonic Society of Orange County sponsored a few of the programs.

Flutes Across the World has visited schools overseas as well. In late August 2017, they were in Davao, Philippines. There is no report as of yet that the accused teacher traveled outside California with the group.