Mouse Falls From Ceiling Of White House Briefing Room Onto Reporter’s Lap

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Screams were heard after what appeared to be a mouse fell from the rafters of White House Press Briefing Room and onto a reporter’s lap Tuesday.

The rodent caused reporters to jump up and run for their lives while in the White House press briefing room after the furry little creature conducted a surprise attack from above aiming for a direct hit to the reporter’s loins.

NBC News White House correspondent Peter Alexander was the unlucky reporter who provided a landing for the mouse, according to his Twitter account.

After falling onto his lap, the mouse began to run around the NBC News booth. WaPo staff photographer Jabin Botsford shared a video clip of the incident.

NBC White House producer Elyse Perlmutter-Gumbiner provided video of the mouse, tweeting that it “literally fell” out of the ceiling.

Reporters began to scramble around the White House briefing room as the mouse left the booth and continued to elude capture, according to tweets from multiple journalists who helped in the search.

CNBC correspondent Eamon Javers reported that there was a “chase underway.”

Reuters special correspondent Steve Holland took a photo of the bunch of people looking for the sneaky vermin.

In the end, the mouse evaded its persecutors.

And that was the most exciting thing to happen in Washington D.C. on Taco Tuesday.