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So terribly saddened and heartbroken by this story. What should have been a wonderful night for this woman turned to tragedy by someone who obviously has absolutely no humanity.
I’m so terribly sorry for her and her family. I hope justice can be done.


The men involved here are less than animals. They need to be punished.



Marise Bishop

When u put it exactly like that, this is tragic.


Do you still have the dress? Give it to the DA, maybe it will ID the perp and we can prevent there from being a next victim.


IF the dress has any DNA it would only show that he may have had sex with her it wouldn’t prove that he raped her, I find it hard to believe that at the Golden Globes a Weinstein Executive dragged her into the men’s room and raped her in front of a bunch of random guys while they all cheered and high fived him after he was finished. It’s not like they’re saying it happened privately in Harvey’s hotel room around his paid guards and assistants that he possibly assaulted too this supposedly was at one of the biggest events… Read more »


I’m in no way saying this was ok. This POS needs to pay. After saying that…….Why was a 13 yr old girl alone. I would’ve been stuck to her like glue. If I couldn’t her dad definitely would.