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I’m glad Mr Gossett learned about Ivermectin and that it saved his life. Yet, people are dying from this damn virus that don’t need to. The censorship regarding therapeutics for Covid19 is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen. Can you believe a United States Senate hearing was banned by the tech giants?? Dr Pierre Kory spoke on the effectiveness of Ivermectin back in December 2020 and his testimony is no longer available. What is being crammed down our throats are the “vaccines” (shots). The serious adverse effects from them are also being censored. I alone know of four people who… Read more »


Praise God, for Doctors with Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance’ (FLCCC). Willing to stand up to our very corrupt Government, bought off by big Pharma and other Billionaires! The big money , our government, the Governors, the hospitals and their doctors ,and the media are going down for murder ! Many could have lived! The WHO , CDC, and that diabolical Fauci knew it and spoke publicly as well as FOIA showing his emails that Hydroxychloriquin, and Ivermectin work both prophylacticly , and in treatment of Covid 19 and all variants to come! Shame on the Corrupt !