HQ Trivia Mega Prize Money: $250,000 From Real Player One — 12 Winners!

Over 2.3 million people tuned in tonight for HQ Trivia’s biggest prize night ever!

Those who made it to question five unlocked a Copper Key that served as a clue for Q10… layers DigDug

Jade Key at Q10 is a free lifeline that can be used tomorrow.

As for the Crystal Key at the final question, which had to do with Patrick Swayze… Twelve winners answered correctly and split the 250,000 pot, which each receiving about $20,833.33 American!

Among the winners’ user ids: treetoplover, showie, jasonvarney1181, DRSlD1, Wackyorb, katiegeers223, Paigelet, tartineauchocolat, malonzoo, Nuni419, davidbutler1208, kwalsten

TreeTopLover on HQtrivia

In "Dirty Dancing," what does Patrick Swayze say right after declaring, "Nobody puts baby in a corner"?

  • Nobody
  • Ready?
  • Come on