HQ Trivia: 1205 Winners Split $75,000 Prize!

Two million people from around the globe tuned in to HQ Trivia on the night of Easter Sunday to go for the 75,000 prize.

A total of 1,205 contestants made it straight through the 12 questions, the final one of which was:

According to an infamous '80s hoax, April Fools' Day was created by a Roman court jester named what?

  • Kugel
  • Constantine
  • Boskin

The correct answer was Kugel, and each winner got $62.24 give or take a penny.

Among the user ids of winning contestants: Danilio, starpotions, epiphany214, jentilely, sterne22

Next show is Monday 12:00 noon Pacific with a total of $5,000 to be given away!