HQ Trivia’s $50,000 Prize Has Been Won!

The largest cash prize on HQ Trivia has been won!

HQ Trivia just recently implemented Winner-Take-All version for the Sunday show, to take contestants past the regular set of 12 or 15 questions.

Tonight, two contestants battled it out head to head until Question 21, when johnnycf was the only one who got the following question right:

Which two U.S. states' capitals are located the farthest apart from each other?

  • Florida / Maine
  • New Mexico / Indiana
  • Alaska / Oregon

Johnnycf from the state of Kentucky picked the first given answer and won $50,000 just like that!

He’s in tears!


Last week, there were no winners, making it the first show ever with no winners.

Coming up on Wednesday: something involving $250,000