Hacking Air-Gapped Computers Now Possible

The Hacker News is reporting that it is now possible for two (or more) air-gapped computers placed in the same room to covertly exchange data via ultrasonic waves.

Air-gapped computers are considered the most secure setup wherein the systems remain isolated from the Internet and local networks, requiring physical access to access data via a USB flash drive or other removable media.

In videos just posted on Youtube, a team of security researchers at Israel’s Ben Gurion University demonstrate how air-gapped PCs placed in the same room can covertly exchange data via ultrasonic waves.

Dubbed MOSQUITO, the technique works by reversing connected speakers (passive speakers, headphones, or earphones) into microphones by exploiting a specific audio chip feature.

For more on this groundbreaking work by Israeli researchers, visit TheHackerNews.com

For the researchers’ paper, download the PDF file here.

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