“Get Out” Movie Review

When the movie Get Out came out in theaters, I had no interest. While the film was out, many people had been making posts and discussing the movie all across my social media networks with various reactions but mostly wow. Seeing a post about the movie Get Out on my Facebook feed and being asked to watch it by several friends, family and associates, set the powder keg for me.

My opinion of the movie, I would like to begin by first revealing what I assumed the movie was about. This movie was about friends who got in trouble and the black male was forced to take responsibility. Another possibility was a group of friends curious about a dangerous place and the black person had enough sense to leave before the white people entered. The movie was not about such things.

Do not read past this part if you do not want to spoil the movie for yourself.


Here I am going to summarize the movie with its highlights. Then I will analyze some of the more significant characters following by what I believe was the intent of the movie. Finally I will post about the overall point of the movie which is my main argument in this article: white liberal elitists are the most racist.

The movie begins with an unnamed black male walking in an affluent neighborhood at the night. The neighborhood is clearly upper class because of the houses, manicured lawns, neat fences etc. He is looking to reach a certain destination via a navigation system on his smartphone and is lost. The male notices a suspicious car following him while the driver acted suspiciously. Next thing the male is walking away from the car and the driver gets out and puts him in a head lock and drags him into the car. This beginning was thrilling and unexpected. It reminded me of many movies I have watched in the past which include Texas Chainsaw Massacre and American History X.

Immediately after this scene, the movie viewer sees trees while listening to bluegrass or folk music. I do not know the musical genre specifically but it just made me think about the American south. The image of the trees seemed as if it were being recorded while driving. Then there are changes in the images that show an inner city urban setting with project buildings, sounds of hip hop in the background, police sirens, dogs etc. This drastic change was informing the viewer that rural life and city life were going to intertwine or perhaps clash in an unexpected way. This place was New York state.

We then see a white woman leaving a bakery and entering an apartment with a black male who was packing clothes. The greeting was romantic and the black male whose name is Chris is concerned about meeting Rose, his girlfriend’s family. Yeah it was 2016 when the film came out but race issues still exist according to some members of the left and the right and clearly in Chris’s mind. Rose tries to persuade him that all is well and finds herself having to reassure him throughout the movie. Rose mentioned that her family did not know that he was black. Also how her father loves Obama and would have voted for him a third presidential term.

This reminds me of my experience at Bloomberg for Mayor 2009 campaign where I met white liberals who loved and were obsessed with former President Obama. They would talk about him and how wonderful he was. They were clearly doing it to impress me and my other coworkers of color. I as not impressed since I did not vote or like Barack Obama who was born Barry Soetero. White liberal elitists like and love everything exotic and foreign so it comes as no surprise that they loved Obama and his skin color just like Rose’s parents.

While on their way to visit Rose’s family in the car, Chris calls his friend Guy and tells him that he is going to meet Rose’s family. His friend warned him that it was not a wise idea to visit the white girl’s parents at their home. As Rose drives the car, Chris decides to light a cigarette to smoke. Rose tosses it out the window as they are driving. Then later on Rose, who was driving, strikes and kills a deer. Chris gets out the car and walks into the forested area to see if the deer was dead. A few questions came to mind when this happened. Why was Rose driving the car and why did Chris feel the need to get out the car and check to see what he hit? We learn the answers to these questions later on. When state troopers were called to the scene, the white police officer asks to see Chris’s ID. Rose had a bigger issue with that request than Chris did. That incident demonstrated Rose’s white savior complex but not the Rudyard Kipling variety but as a social justice warrior. The deer as we will later see in the film is symbolic. Rose striking the deer was the universe trying to warn Chris to get out.

Chris goes on to meet the Armitage family but firstly Rose’s parents. Out of the parents, her father is trying the hardest to show that he is not racist. Whether his intentions were genuinely to make Chris comfortable or not is questionable and highly debatable. At least during the beginning of the film. So being that we live in a world that values worldliness and cultures, it may have been him trying to show how open minded he is. Rose’s father gave him a tour of the estate and where he discussed his father’s loss to Jesse Owens, a well known African American boxer who beat a white male in the 1936 Olympics. Owens’s victory was seen as problematic for Adolf Hitler’s theory on the supremacy of the Aryan race. This scene demonstrates a lot of things and it foreshadows that beneath the surface there is a sense of racism. That discussion in the film reminded me of Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood. A little known fact about PP is that Sanger was a eugenicist who did not want black children being born.

Rose’s mom was trying to pry into Chris’s Life by asking him about his parents. Chris discussed how his mother died tragically in a hit-and-run incident when he was 11 years old while watching television. Also how he did not have a father growing up. During that conversation we learn that Chris has a nicotine addiction. Rose’s mom, Missy is a therapist had insisted on using hypnosis as a technique to try and stop his nicotine habit. Chris refused but he wakes up at night and runs into Georgina and sees Walter running which reminded me of Forrest Gump. Then he walks in and is asked by Missy to sit with him. Missy manipulates and hypnotized Chris and took him to the ‘sunken place’ which I find similar to phlebotomy and MK Ultra. While Chris sits there, he is digging his fingers in the arm rest as the cotton is seeping out. I have interpreted this scene as Chris being enslaved by Missy through mind control and the cotton symbolizes the cash crop of the American South before the Civil War.

The most important scene of the film was the party and that was when my suspicions were validated. Chris was introduced to many people in the party who were associated with the Armitage’s. These people were the white liberal elite who asked all sorts of questions and it was clear that there was envy toward Chris due to his physical and genetic attributes. A series of inappropriate references and questions were asked to him and Rose. When Chris met a fellow black male who was dressed in a nice and fancy suit, he began to feel some sense of comfort. When Chris relayed that message to the guy, he exposed him to people in the party. Chris found him suspicious and when he got a hold of his cell phone, he took a picture of him with a flash. That scene reminded me of Men in Black because the gentleman had transformed into a completely different person and tried to say he was epileptic. It was later revealed that the person was a gentleman who was from Brooklyn and had gone missing.

Everything I am going to discuss is based on real life experiences. I know Rose and have met her in several manifestations. She was the white, Asian and Hispanic homosexual that called me racist for my dating preferences. Rose was also a white woman from an affluent neighborhood who dated black men to piss her father off. Rose is many historical figures that include Madame Delphine LaLaurie and more disturbingly Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood who wanted to exterminate the black race with abortion. Rose was also the white girl who confided in me that she would only settle for black men because of her refusal to lose weight as an obese woman. Rose was also the white woman in my anthropology class who lived in Tanzania for a few years and bragged in lecture of how she braided a black girls hair and her obsession with the black penis. Rose is the Kardashians, Chelsea Handler, Kendra Wilkinson, Madonna, Angelina Jolie, Heidi Klum and many others. Rose are the white women who I watched in a documentary that had gone to Sub-Saharan Africa and paid a young tribesmen for sexual gratification. Rose has also been seen by me in Hollywood, academia and the mainstream media. Rose has been present in my life varying in race, skin tone, religion and sex. Rose is an individual that does not know how to think for I have seen her and will continue to do so especially with social media.

The fact that Chris learned and saw for himself what a sham and con Rose was. I knew not to trust her but it was just shocking for him and the viewers. He saw through the pictures of all the black people who have become associated with the Armitage’s. Clearly Rose had previous relationships with Walter, Georgina and the others.

I have encountered Chris but not as frequently as Rose. While watching the movie I kept rooting for him because too much nonsense was going on. He came across to me as a good guy and was thankful that he survived in the end. I see him as many people I know through media, academia, Hollywood and real life. Although the movie did not provide enough detail of his background. I can tell based on the film that his feelings for Rose were genuine. There was a scene when they were asked how long they had been seeing each other Chris answered three months and Rose answered four that was suspicious to me.

Chris’s friend Guy may have come off as overprotective over his friend. In the beginning of the film it may have come off as Guy being paranoid. Now let us assume that Get Out is taking place in contemporary times, there may be justification for Guy worrying about Chris meeting the Armitage family.

Georgina was a character that I immediately sympathized for. I did not have prior knowledge about this but innately something made me feel for her. She reminded me of a lot of the historical figures I have studied. Wen I first saw her I thought about Aunt Jemima, who was born Nancy Green and was a slave woman from the American South. Green was one of the first living figures used as an advertisement. There is a book written about her called slave in a box. Her faux smile and joy disturbed me and looked like a drugged up person in a psych ward. Her maid outfit was pink and neat. I found it odd that she was there as a servant. Regardless of her being a maid, I considered her to be a slave to the Armitage family and the tea cup. Aside from Georgina working for the family, she is also a part of an exhibit. Little did Georgina’s character realize that she was not just being used for involuntary servitude, which we later learn that she was under hypnosis. She was also a sort of trophy to show how tolerant and progressive the Armitage family was.

Walter, too, is also an African American male who worked for the Armitage family. When Chris was introduced to him, he was chopping wood. He spoke of Rose in a way that suggested there had been a relationship in the past. It bothered Chris so much that he had to tell Rose. Also the scene where Chris who goes upstairs to find that his cell phone, which had left to charge, had been disconnected. He believed that Georgina did that and told Rose about it by saying ‘black women have a thing about their men dating white women’. I have witnessed this many times and had been told by black women that they hate seeing that. I do not judge but there have been many instances of this in my life. All I can say is that not all relationships are genuine because there are other interests aside from love that are being fulfilled.

The Armitage family as a whole is a microcosm of the white elitist liberal class who are globalists. The family that is financially capable to travel the world and only go to resort towns and gated communities out of fear of experiencing crime. Also the ones that love to brag about how their children speak Swahili fluently. They also remind me of the wealthy residents of well to do areas such as the Upper East side neighborhood in Manhattan, New York. These silver spooned people want open borders and illegal immigration in order to increase cheap labor while hurting the American citizen and the legal immigrants. Their display of tolerance and respect for foreign cultures is hypocritical especially when they would be the first to complain about a black homeless male sleeping in front of their buildings. Also the Latino or Chinese male digging in the garbage cans to find scraps of food.

Georgina and Marcus are a microcosm of people and movements. Some of these include the influx of unskilled and uneducated labor that has led to the tremendous increase of illegal immigration. I am only saying these things about Georgina and Walter because there is not enough information on their backgrounds. These issues with cheap labor occurred after the Hart-Celler Act also known as the Immigration Act of 1965. Many prominent figures of the Civil Rights Movement, the era coined by John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson, spoke out against the immigration bill including Coretta Scott King, the wife of Martin Luther King. Georgina and Walter also make me think about the Black Lives Matter movement and how many blacks in America see it as something helpful when it is damaging. People in the blm movement have no idea that they are big conned and used as puppets since the organization was funded by George Soros. Soros is a globalist who has built a reputation for destroying democratically elected governments across the globe. He to is known as the currency killer and is responsible for breaking the bank of England. They are a representation of people who think that their role for the greater good through the use of social justice is virtuous when it is harmful. If anyone has any knowledge of history, the elitists love conflict especially wars in order to make profit. Please look at a book titled ‘Merchants of Death’ and look closely at conflicts from World War I and after.

The film did make a good point about missing children and adults of color in the United States. It is interesting to point how much the mainstream media does very little to cover this. I have various theories on this and the cases of missing children in this country but that is another possible article. When Guy had grown concerned and suspicious of Chris’s absence, he went to a fellow TSA employee and was ridiculed. That do not hinder his efforts of trying to find or save his friend like he did in the end. Guy was a true friend and it had seemed like he was worrying bed on unfounded suspicions but was vindicated. I found it hilarious when he made some cultural references to Jeffrey Dahmer, a cannibal and serial killer who continued to kill blacks in America.

This is one of those films that need to be watched and discussed with trusted people. Hopefully those who are rational and not overly sensitive. This film is NOT for those who are passionate about political correctness, social justice and speech censorship.

I recommend watching the movie Get Out. I have been doing so since watching it. Thanks for reading my review.

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