Georgia State Recount: Nearly 3,000 Additional Ballots Found in One County

A hand recount in Floyd County in Georgia over the weekend revealed that a scanner failed to tabulate over 2,500 ballots.

That indicates that approximately 6.8% of the county’s votes were “left off” vote totals despite being scanned.

Board of Elections Chairman Tom Rees said the hand count added over 2,500 more votes than were registered by computers on election night and the following morning.

A replacement scanner used at the Floyd County Administration Building for early voting apparently was at fault.

Rees said the absentee by mail votes have all checked out, as has the in-person election day voting. The difference was in early voting ballots from that particular replacement scanner at the administration building.

The replacement scanner was used after the original scanner jammed and was taken out of service. The ballots from the original scanner were successfully entered into the system and votes were counted.

“Elections veterans tell me it is not uncommon for human errors to come to light before certification or in recounts,” Jones said.

According to Floyd County GOP Chairman Luke Martin, and tentatively confirmed by Rees, there were an additional 1,643 votes for President Donald Trump, 865 for the Democrat Party’s candidate Joe Biden and 16 for the Libertarian Party’s Jo Jorgensen.

The Secretary of State’s website showed that 27,120 Floyd County residents each cast a ballot for Trump, 10,972 for Biden and 496 for Jorgensen. The newly reported ballots aren’t included in those totals.

Biden was prematurely thought to be the winner of the state by over 14,000 votes, a slim margin in a race where just under 5 million Georgians cast a ballot.

Floyd County Democratic Party representative Wendy Davis said she is concerned about what she referred to as a lack of attention to detail. She said the hand count team would be working to compare the number of applications for in-person early voting against the number of votes the audit is currently reporting.

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