“I regret getting vaccinated” — French tennis player Jérémy Chardy

Former world No. 25 Jérémy Chardy says he has a “series of problems” after taking the COVID-19 vaccine and that his 2021 season is over.

This summer, the Frenchman decided to get vaccinated and it didn’t work out well for him.

Chardy has become the latest tennis star to speak out against vaccines after experiencing what he describes as violent, near-paralyzing pains across his body since taking the jab, warning that there is “no hindsight” once people have received the treatment.

The 34-year-old says he his priority is to “take care of myself” after seing two doctors and taking tests in a bid to deduce why he has found physical exertion so difficult since being vaccinated.

“Suddenly I cannot train, I cannot play,” the 2017 Davis Cup winner said, explaining that he received the jab between this summer’s Olympics, when he was beaten by gold medalist Alex Zverev in the quarterfinals, and the US Open, when he lost in straight sets in the first round to Matteo Berrettini at the end of August.

“At the moment, my season is stopped and I don’t know when I’ll start again.

[…] So now I regret having taken the vaccine, but I couldn’t have known. […] It’s the first time that the idea that next season might be my last has crossed my mind,” Chardy added.

“I regret getting vaccinated”, the French tennis player Chardy




Chardy was born in France in February 1987. He has won more than US$ 10 million in prize money during the course of his tennis career.