“Poll Worker” in Erie County (PA) Admits Throwing Out Trump Ballots on Election Day

A self-professed poll worker named Sebastian Machado posted to his Instagram account on Tuesday, boasting to his friends about throwing out over a hundred Trump ballots in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Trump ballots thrown out in Erie, PA

Machado says he is a poll worker in Erie County, Pennsylvania.

Sebastian Machado poll worker
Machado with New Jersey’s Democrat Governor

Within two hours, his apparent confession of fraud had become viral on Twitter. He soon took down his post from Instagram, where his username is @omg_seabass, and switched his account to private.

A battleground state, Pennsylvania has been the scene of multiple incidences of voting irregularities and machine snafus on election day.

Philadelphia poll worker
Philadelphia ballot tampering
Poll worker in Philadelphia

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Joe Biden has yet to disavow his party cadres’ shenanigans. He did recently, however, say that his campaign has built “the most extensive and inclusive voter-fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

EDO = Election Day Operations