Candidates in California Governor’s Recall Election

A total of 41 candidates filed all the paperwork necessary by the July 16 deadline to run to replace Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom in the Sept. 14 recall.

* UPDATE: A court ruled that Larry Elder should be placed on the ballot. Also, other candidates have been added to the final list, making the number of candidates 46.

The field includes GOP politicians, a reality TV personality, a YouTuber, a retired detective, a cannabis advocate, several business owners and even a new-age shaman.

Talk-show host Larry Elder is not on the latest list released by the Secretary of State on Saturday.

To compare, 135 candidates ran to replace Gov. Gray Davis in 2003 during his recall election.



Kevin Faulconer, 54, is the Republican former mayor of mostly Democratic San Diego.

Ted Gaines, 63, of Shingle Springs, is a Republican former state senator and Assemblymember who is now on the California State Board of Equalization, which oversees taxes and fee collection.

Jeff Hewitt has been a Riverside County supervisor since 2018. Before that, the 68-year-old hero to Libertarians nationwide was mayor of Calimesa after serving as a City Council member.

Kevin Kiley is a Republican assemblymember from Rocklin. The 36-year-old former deputy attorney general and former teacher made headlines by suing Newsom over pandemic executive orders.

Doug Ose, a 66-year old Republican, is a former Sacramento-area U.S. representative.


Angelyne is a “‘billboard icon” of Los Angeles, spotted around Southern California in her signature pink Corvette. Now 70, she is running without a party preference.

Caitlyn Jenner, 71, a Republican, first came to prominence as an Olympic gold medalist in 1976. She was once married to Kris Jenner — mother of the Kardashian sisters, the reality TV stars — before becoming one of the most prominent public figures to transition.

Kevin Paffrath is a real estate broker and investor from Ventura. The 29-year-old Democrat has 1.7 million subscribers to his YouTube channel on the housing market, real estate and the stock market.