Bitcoin Cash Donations

With high transaction fees and long confirmation times crippling the utility of Bitcoin Core (BTC), many generous individuals have turned to using Bitcoin Cash (BCH) for donations; nowhere can this be more clearly seen than on Twitter where several organizations have started posting BCH addresses to make it easier to receive cryptocrurrency from donors.

The most recognizable organization to benefit from a BCH donation also appears to be the largest recipient so far — Khan Academy, with a receipt of 10 BCH from Nchain chief scientist Craig Wright. At current exchange rates, that amount is the equivalent of approximately 25,000 U.S. dollars.

An earlier recipient of BCH largesse is Zam Zam, which tasks itself with having water wells constructed in blighted areas.

Fare Share in Victoria, Australia, received 5 BCH recently, which they say will be able to provide around 20,000 free nutritious meals for people in need.

Before the end of last year, Deep Center (@DeepKids) tweeted about adding a QR code for BCH donations on their Give page. It is a nonprofit founded in 2008 to address the detrimental effects of poverty on literacy in Savannah, Georgia.

Off of Twitter, the nonprofit digital library reportedly received more donations in Bitcoin Cash BCH than Bitcoin Core BTC in 2017. appears to have been motivated by a tweet by UKcryptocurrency.

Fourteen days after the above tweet, @InternetArchive tweeted a call for cryptocurrency donations that included Bitcoin Cash in the lineup.

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