BitcoinPlug Raises Minimum #BTC Purchase on ATMs to $100

Popular Bitcoin ATM company BitcoinPlug announced today that it is raising their machines’ minimum first note for BTC purchases to $100.

Just three days ago, BitcoinPlug had made an announcement that it was being raised to $50.

Bitcoin Core (BTC) has been plagued with high transaction fees, causing cryptocurrency enthusiasts to flock to Bitcoin Cash (BCH), which has acquired the mantle of being the real Bitcoin with the support of Bitcoin venerables such as Roger Ver and Gavin Andresen. (Ok, turns out Craig Wright is Faketoshi.)

Customers can easily buy digital money in the form of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) even with just a dollar bill in hand. The popularity of BCH in recent days has caused its unit price to surge three-fold; despite that, transaction fees and wait times have remained a great deal more tolerable than BTC transactions.

BitcoinPlug has more than a dozen full-service machines in the Los Angeles area.

Address: 5102 Hollywood Blvd 90027
Hours: 6:30 am – 12 midnight
Phone: (888) 856-7584