Rep. Jeffery Gifford Becomes 4th Sitting Legislator to Die in 2022

Reps. Donna Doore (D-Augusta) and John Tuttle Jr. (D-Sanford), died four days apart in late January, and Rep. Theodore “Ted” Kryzak Jr. (R-Acton) died in March.

Jeffery Gifford cause of death
Republican State Rep. Jeffery A. Gifford died Sunday, just two days before an unopposed primary. The cause of death is reportedly cancer. He was 75.

Gifford served four terms in the Legislature from 2006 to 2014. Elected to serve a fifth term in 2020, he was unopposed on the Republican ballot for Tuesday’s primary election.

He and his wife Irene have three children and seven grandchildren.

Gifford was the fourth sitting state lawmaker to die this calendar year. Representatives Donna Doore, D-Augusta, and John Tuttle Jr., D-Sanford, died four days apart in late January. Rep. Theodore “Ted” Kryzak Jr., R-Acton, died in March.