Vaccinated Ice-Hockey Player Boris Sádecký Dies After Cardiac Arrest

Professional ice-hockey player Boris Sadecky died Wednesday in the wake of his cardiac arrest last Friday during an ice-hockey match in Austria.

The death of the striker was announced by his team, the Bratislava Capitals.

Last Friday, Boris Sadecky collapsed in the middle of the ice during the match in Dornbirn. Even after days of intensive treatment, Sadecky passed away.

“It is with deep sadness in our hearts and with regret that we announce the death of our player Boris Sadecky. Our condolences to family and friends,” wrote the Capitals.

Sadecky was only 24 years old. He was born in Slovakia on April 20, 1997. His death is listed as occuring on November 3, 2021, in Austria.

The Capitals are part of the Central European hockey league that also serves as the top-tier ice hockey league in Austria. It currently features additional teams from Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia and Slovenia.

As of September 25, over 80 percent of the league’s players had received COVID shots.

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